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Latest Update: July 4,2014

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New to the VCR and serious about the
Vancouver Condo Market?

Here's how to stay on top of this market Allow me to introduce the market research service that will put you ahead of the fast-paced and ever changing Vancouver condo market, making the right decisions when it comes to developing, buying, selling or investing.

The Vancouver Condo Report is a monthly analysis of the Greater Vancouver condo market that will change the way you look at this market. Our analysis is based on the latest MLS statistics and data from the new condo market and we run the numbers on 12 major high rise, low rise and townhouse markets. And we're not here to hype the market but to give you the low down on what's happening now and what that means for the next six to 12 months.

The monthly analysis of condo sub markets includes:
  • A monthly synopsis to alert you to important changes in all the major Greater Vancouver condo markets 
  • Analysis and projection of sales and price trends for the next six to 12 months, identifying which markets are going up and which are going down 
  • An in-depth analysis of MLS sales and listings for the past three months shows what's hot and what's not by unit size range.  
  • Sellers or buyers market? A comparison of selling to original list price is one of the better indicators 
Combined with the market analysis is the Condo Price Calculator. Thousands of buyers, sellers, realtors and developers have used the Condo Price Calculator to get a fast and accurate selling price estimate. The Condo Price Calculator covers all the major market areas and up to 32 market sub areas.

Staying ahead and profiting from the Vancouver condo market is not a matter of luck or relying on the mass media for information about the market. It's having the right information before it becomes news.

And a subscription to the Vancouver Condo Report will give you the right information. You won't find the normal platitudes espoused by the real estate industry and you won't find every story with a positive spin when it's not warranted. Just the hard facts and what they mean for you in this market.

Try Strategics Vancouver Condo Report with No Risk

The Vancouver Condo Report is an excellent value at its regular price of $99. At your introductory rate of just $38.00 for a full year - 12 issues - it's the best investment you'll ever make if you're serious about building, buying, selling or investing in the Vancouver condo market. (No exaggeration. Think about it: $3.17 an issue - less than a tall mocha latte)

With 62% savings on the Vancouver Condo Report, plus a no-risk guarantee, it all adds up to our best offer ever. All that's missing is your decision to boost your market IQ.

If you have even the slightest hesitation about ordering, ask yourself: Can I afford to be blind-sided by another market downturn as in 2008 or as in 1998 to 2002 when the Vancouver condo market dropped by more than 50%?

Then take a chance - really not a chance, there's no risk at all - and start your subscription to the Vancouver Condo Report at the introductory rate of just $38.00 with our money-back guarantee (if not fully satisfied, notify us within 30 days for a full refund).


Frank Schliewinsky

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