If anyone in the market for an apartment condominium in Greater Vancouver hasn’t heard about depreciation reports, they need to get clued up fast.¬†www.housing.gov.bc.ca/strata/regs/. As of next month, every strata corporation will have to file a “depreciation report” that includes a 30 year budget for repair, upgrades and maintenance. This is to ensure that contingency funds are at levels required to cover ongoing repair, maintenance and upgrades. And the contingency fund receives its funds from the monthly strata maintenance fees paid by every strata owner.

So if you’re in the market for an apartment condo, how much should you expect to pay in monthly strata maintenance fees? The amount will depend on the age of the building, location, project amenities and the general condition of the project. As a guide, the tables below show the average monthly strata maintenance fees for high rise and low projects in Greater Vancouver sub-markets. Projects are broken down into new projects now marketing and MLS condos sold over the past three months.